The Xbox 360 console lets you customise and manage your family’s access to games, films and television content. The Xbox 360 parental controls can be use to control the console itself and access to Xbox Live.
Parental controls allow you to restrict content such as:
•    Games, films, and TV shows.
•    Access to Xbox Live.
•    How long each family member can use the console on a daily or weekly basis.

You can also modify the online safety and privacy settings for your account or a younger family members account.
This enables you to:
•    Allow or block access to Internet Explorer on the Xbox 360.
•    Determine who can see your online profile.
•    For parents, determine if your approval is required for your child to send or received friend requests.

Parental Controls
The parental control features on the Xbox 360 require you to be signed into an account on the console. This can be a completely new account, or your Xbox Live account from another Microsoft console.

Parental Controls can usually be found either on the home screen, or in the system or security settings. Their exact location and options available are subject to change with system updates. We advise that you periodically review the parental controls to ensure they still meet your security requirements. For the latest information, refer to Microsoft at

1.    Power on your console and sign in to the account you wish to modify.

2.    From the ‘home’ screen, scroll right to ‘settings’ and select ‘Family’.

3.    Turn ‘Content Controls’ on to change settings and content restrictions, manage Xbox Live access, and use Family Timer.

Ratings and Content
Here you can restrict games, movies, and TV shows by age rating, manage game exceptions, and decide whether you want unrated content or explicit music and music videos to be playable on this console.

*Ratings don’t apply to advertisements.

•    Game Ratings
These can help you decide which games can be played on this console. Only games with the selected rating level or lower can be played.
Some Indie games aren’t reviewed by a ratings board.
To learn about Pan-European Game Information (PEGI) ratings, visit

Choose to allow your console to play All Games, or games rated PEGI 18/BBFC 18, PEGI 16, BBFC 15, PEGI 12/BBFC 12, BBFC PG, PEGI 7, BBFC U, or PEGI 3.

•    Game Exceptions
Manage up to 25 games that bypass this console’s game ratings settings. Game exceptions don’t require a pass code to play.

•    Movie Ratings
These can help you decide which movies can be played on this console. Only movies with the selected rating level or lower can be played.

Not all movies are encoded with a rating. Un-encoded movies are controlled by the ‘Unrated Content’ control.
Choose to allow your console to play All Movies, R18, 18, 15, 12, PG, U, & Uc.

•    Explicit Content
Here you can decide whether music and music videos tagged as ‘explicit’ can be played on this console by selecting either ‘Allowed’ or ‘Blocked’.

Content providers may not consistently tag all explicit music and music videos.

•    Unrated Content
Here you can decide whether to allow unrated games, DVD’s and videos to be played on this console by selecting either ‘Allowed’ or ‘Blocked’.

Some games, apps, DVD’s, and videos are not rated or reviewed by a ratings board. Not all DVD’s and videos contain rating info and are considered unrated. This content won’t play if ‘Unrated Content’ is blocked.

Family Timer
Spending too much time playing games? Use this setting to limit the amount of play time used on this console. Select either a daily or weekly time range and then apply your limit within that range.

Xbox Live Access
Permit access to Xbox Live on this console by selecting either ‘Allowed’ or ‘Blocked’.

You need a high-speed internet connection and a valid Xbox Live membership to play on Xbox Live.

Xbox Live is Microsoft's online service for gaming and content distribution for the Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One consoles.
•    The Silver level is free and lets you download things from the Xbox Live Marketplace, chat with friends, and share your gamer profile with other users. You can't play games online, however.

•    The Gold Level is a subscription-based service that gives you all of the Silver level benefits along with the ability to play games online, earlier access to downloadable content, and discounts on games and other media available from Xbox Live Marketplace. You can either buy subscription cards at retail stores or you can use your credit/debit card to sign up for Xbox Live and can subscribe to 1 month, 3 month, and 1 year periods.

Xbox Live Membership Creation
Decide whether new Xbox Live memberships can be created from this console by selecting either ‘Allowed’ or ‘Blocked’.

Change Pass Code
Your pass code protects your chosen content controls and is used to override game and other content ratings. Your secret question and answer helps you reset your pass code if you forget it.

Reset to Default Settings
This will reset all content controls and remove any game exceptions.

Save and Exit
Click here when you’ve finished choosing your content controls. If you click ‘Back’, your controls will not be saved and you will have to start over again.

Privacy & Online Settings
To modify your Privacy & Online Settings: from the ‘home’ screen, scroll right to ‘settings’ and select ‘Privacy’.
Change settings and choose from one of four options, each with their own default settings:
1.    Adult
2.    Teen
3.    Child
4.    Custom – This opens up a full list of choices regarding what others and you can do on this account. Each option is clearly explained.

•    Voice and Text - Decide who to communicate with using voice and text on Xbox Live. This includes voice and text chat, messaging, and game invites.

•    Video Communication – Decide who to interact with using video on Xbox Live. Video communication includes Video Kinect and in-game video.

•    Web Browsing – Decide whether to browse the web with Internet Explorer.

•    Profile Sharing – Decide who can see this profile. A profile includes motto, personal picture, name, bio, and location if you’ve provided that information.

•    Kinect Sharing – Decide whether you want content created with Kinect to be shared outside of Xbox Live. Video and Voice Communication on Video Kinect on Xbox Live are controlled by the Video Communication and Voice and Text Communication Settings.

•    Social Network Sharing – Decide whether activity on Xbox Live can be shared to social networks outside Xbox Live.

•    Game Activity – Decide who can see this person’s game activity. Game activity includes games played, stats, and achievements.

•    Online Status – Decide who can see this person’s online status. Online status includes current online activity, like what’s being played now and availability to play.

•    Video and Music Status – Decide who can see the titles of the videos or music being played. If online status is blocked, video and music status is also blocked.

•    Friends List – Decide who can see this player’s friends list. A friends list includes access to friends and their profiles

•    Voice Data Collection – Decide whether to allow Microsoft to collect samples of voice commands spoken when in Kinect games and experiences. This info helps Microsoft to improve speech recognition.

•    Voice Search Data – Decide whether to allow Microsoft to use voice search commands to improve Microsoft products.

•    Exercise Info Sharing – Includes fitness scores from calorie burn, time played, physical intensity of movement, and feedback from physical activity. Sharing with Everyone or Friends lets you use game features like leader boards and exercise challenges. To change these settings, go to Settings, Privacy. Height, weight, year of birth, and gender can be stored online but are never shared with anyone.

•    Filtering – Decide whether to show only family-orientated content in Xbox experiences.

•    Profile Viewing – Decide whether to see other people’s profiles. A profile includes information about a member’s game history and achievements. It can also contain a gamer’s motto and personal info, which may be inappropriate for children.

•    Member Content – Decide whether to see member-created content on Xbox Live. Member content includes images, text, and custom content in games and profiles, which you may find inappropriate. This setting doesn’t prevent download of Indie Games.

•    Explicit Content – Decide whether to be able to play explicit music and music videos on Xbox or Windows Phone.

Contact Preferences
•    Xbox Marketing – Decide if you’d like to receive information and offers about music, videos, and games from Xbox and related entertainment providers in e-mail.

•    Partner Marketing – Decide whether to share your e-mail address with partners of Xbox and related entertainment products so they can send you information and offers.

5.    Once you’ve completed your choices, remember to ‘Save & Exit’.

For further information or support please visit Microsoft at