Loot boxes and other in-game purchase facilities in video games is a relatively recent phenomenon which is not currently subject to specific legislation.

In the UK and mainland Europe, consumers are made aware of such content either through the PEGI in-game purchases descriptor, which appears on the game packaging, as well as through the Additional Consumer Information (ACI) which provides text-based information for each and every game.  ACI is available via the PEGI app or from the VSC website.

With regard to the UK, our understanding is that in-game purchases – loot boxes in particular – are not considered to be a recognised form of gambling and are not subject, therefore, to gambling legislation.

The VSC is aware of the concerns surrounding this issue and will always ensure that games featuring these elements are rated appropriately while also ensuring that consumers are made fully aware of their presence.

As a PEGI Administrator and UK video games regulator, the VSC will act correspondingly and in accordance with any legislation which may be introduced to further control access to gambling-style game mechanics which prove to be in breach of UK gambling laws.