Board Member

ERA is a UK trade organisation formed specifically to act as a forum for the retail and wholesale sectors of the music, video, DVD and Multimedia products industry. ERA represents both physical and digital retailers and wholesalers and operates via 4 boards, Music, Digital, Video and Games.
ERA was formed in 1988 by a group of record dealers - independents, multiples and wholesalers who saw the need to initiate constructive dialogue between dealers, the record companies and their trade body the BPI (British Phonographic Industry). ERA has established links with other industry Association and governmental departments as a respected voice within the industry. ERA is affiliated with NARM and other overseas retail Associations, with a view to exchanging information and to pool knowledge.
ERA also exists to communicate and negotiate with government departments and local authorities on behalf of its members, to monitor legislation affecting its members and to oppose any legislation which might be contrary to members’ interests. Either alone or in concert with others with others, ERA also involves itself in promoting the industry, for example through events such as the Mercury Music Prize or the Brit Awards.
ERA is not a discount negotiating body for retailers and cannot function in any way as a cartel or become involved in terms of trading between individual members and suppliers. Its aims are to ensure the highest standards of retail and wholesale in the music (and related products) industry, and to encourage and provide formal and informal contact between members, the public and the industry.
ERA’s business is conducted via a Council of 18 elected from the association’s members.  ERA is a member of the Trade Association Forum and abides by its code of conduct.