Dr. Guy Cumberbatch

Advisory Panel Member

Guy is a Chartered Psychologist and Director of The Communications Research Group in Birmingham. He graduated from University College Cardiff with a Special Honours degree in Psychology and completed his PhD in Information Processing at Leicester University. Following three years post doctoral work on television violence at Leicester’s Centre for Mass Communication Research, he joined Aston University’s Applied Psychology Department as a lecturer in Multi-variate Statistics. After serving terms as Senior Lecturer and Head of Psychology, he left academia to establish CRG (UK) LTD as an Aston Science Park company.<

Guy attaches great importance to objectivity and thus half of all the research done by CRG has been for the regulators and half has been for broadcasters, production companies and distributors. He has been expert witness for both defence and prosecution in numerous legal cases involving the media, many of which have been test cases where new principles have been established.
Publications include Mass Media Violence and Society (Elek Science, 1975); A Measure of Uncertainty: The Effects of the Mass Media (Libbey, 1989); Pornography: Impacts and Influences (Home Office, 1989); Media Violence: Research Evidence and Policy Implications (Council of Europe, 1995) and Where Do You Draw the Line?: Attitudes and Reactions of Video Renters to Sexual Violence in Film (BBFC, 2002).<
Guy was a leading expert witness for the Home Affairs Select Committee: Video Violence and Young Offenders (HMSO, 1994) and served on the PEGI (Pan European Games Information) Appeals Committee in Brussels. Currently he is chairing a British Psychological Society working party into the effects of pornography.