Who We Are

The VSC Rating Board is an Administrator of the PEGI age rating system which is used in over 30 countries throughout Europe.  In 2012 the PEGI system was incorporated into UK law and the VSC was appointed as the statutory body responsible for the age rating of video games in the UK using the PEGI system.  In the UK, PEGI 12, 16 and 18 rated games are legally enforceable and cannot be sold to anyone under those respective ages.  
The VSC has been promoting high standards in the video industry since 1989 with a code of practice and training for retailers to prevent underage sales. For more information, please visit our 'Retail Members' section. 
Together with UKIE, The VSC brings you AskAboutGames.com which provides a wealth of information and tips about family and safe gaming. You can find more information in our 'PEGI Info' section.


We are committed to providing as much helpful information we can about video game ratings. We can’t tell you how good, bad or indifferent a video game might be, but we will supply detailed consumer information about the content of the games with PEGI ratings.
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Games Industry

As the designated authority for classifying physical games in the UK we must issue a certificate before any non-exempt game can be released.  This section contains useful information pertaining to these certificates and also includes the procedures for appealing a refusal, controversial content and video footage in UK games.

Retail Members

Our retail members agree to adhere to a code of practice designed to promote high standards in the video industry.  Members are provided with training to prevent the sale of games and DVDs to persons underage.


Need resources for your school or college?  Our FREE eLearning gives students and teachers everything they need to know about age ratings and tips for staying safe whilst gaming online.