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We offer membership to anyone supplying age restricted video products in the UK.  Our members abide by a Code of Practice designed to promote high standards within the video industry, ensuring DVDs and Games are provided to the public in a responsible manner.
For more about our organisation and the VSC Code of Practice please click here.  Alternatively, scroll below to see how we can protect and prevent you and your staff  from potentially conducting an illegal sale to the public.

Video Game Ratings

The Video Standards Council is an Administrator of the PEGI age rating system which is used in over 30 countries throughout Europe. 
In 2012 the PEGI system was incorporated into UK law and the VSC was appointed as the statutory body responsible for the age rating of video games in the UK using the PEGI system.
The Games Rating Authority (GRA) is a sub-arm of the Video Standards Council (VSC), and exists to specifically licence the release of 12, 16 and 18 PEGI rated video games in the UK .

VSC News

What we've been up to

VSC Annual Report 2014

We've just published our Annual Report for 2014

Our latest annual report covers the period January to December 2014. The report focuses on our games rating activities over that period and provides interesting statistical data and analysis of the more intriguing games we received in 2014.

Take a look now by clicking here.

We Have Moved!

On Tuesday 16th June 2015 The Video Standards Council moved to their new address.

We can now be found at:
Suite 4A, Salar House
61 Campfield Road
St Albans
Our new telephone number is +44 (0)2037 718 543.

PEGI ratings for Google Play thanks to IARC

By using the IARC system the Google Play Store will soon be displaying the familiar and trusted content rating icons from PEGI for users in the UK and across Europe on all games and apps.

Over the past few years the VSC, on behalf of PEGI, has been heavily involved in the development of a global rating system for apps in collaboration with the other major rating authorities around the globe; together forming The International Age Rating Coalition (IARC).
IARC is an unprecedented effort that revolutionises the process by which digitally delivered games and apps receive their age and content classifications. Established in late 2013, the IARC system represents the first time international ratings organisations have joined forces to agree on a unified process that simultaneously generates ratings for multiple territories while preserving each of their distinct cultural norms.   This means consumers in the UK will be able to make more informed decisions by using the recognisable PEGI ratings before downloading an app.
The system assigns age ratings, content descriptors and interactive elements for digitally-delivered games and apps.  Developers can only access the system and use IARC ratings on digital storefronts that have licensed and integrated the system into their on-boarding process.  There is no cost for developers to use the system, which features a single online submission form that once completed immediately assigns different ratings for various territories around the world. 
Those IARC-certified ratings are then ingested by the storefront and mapped to their respective regions.  IARC and its participating rating authorities are responsible for monitoring and ensuring the accuracy of ratings assigned by the system. The fundamental goal is to enable digital consumers, especially parents, to have broad access to established, credible and locally-relevant ratings for interactive entertainment products, regardless of the device on which they consume them.  
For more information, see globalratings.com

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Staff training

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Trading Standards approved training that meets due diligence requirements relating to the prevention of underage sales. This is normally provided as eLearning but we can tailor a format to meet your requirements.


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In the event of a prosecution, and where an accidental mistake has been made, we would attend the court concerned and show that the staff member involved had received and completed our approved eLearning training.


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A membership certificate and window sticker that shows your organisation takes its responsibilities seriously and that it adheres to the VSC Code of Practice. Registered members of the Code may also use the VSC logo on stationery and in trade and consumer advertising.

Value for money

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VSC membership is only £20 per year per outlet.   We offer membership to anyone supplying age restricted video products in the UK , including retailers, libraries and gaming party venues. 


     As a member you agree to adhere to a code of practice designed to promote high standards in the video industry.   In doing so, this shows that you are a customer-focused organisation that understands the need to protect young people from age inappropriate material.

    If you would like to become a member please complete the form below or give us a call. 

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